We need YOU. Here's how you can help!

For general questions please reach us at: info@blueprintforamerica.org

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We ask committed members of the public who share our concerns and support the positions taken on this website along with the FAIR principles to take action. We need determined individuals who share our passion for responsible social change based on the simple principle of unity over division. You can do this in several meaningful ways:

1) Share this website with your real life social circle and any online social media presence you may have.

2) If you are in a position to do so, consider running for school board trustee positions or for political office at either the municipal, state, or federal level to oppose "woke ideology" in America.

3) Vote for school board trustees and politicians at every level of government who publicly oppose "critical race theory", "gender ideology", and all other manifestations of "woke ideology" in our public and private institutions.

4) Please consider joining a local chapter of the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) or consider starting one in your community. 

5) Join us in opposing the inclusion of nonsensical ideological ideas such as "gender expression" and "gender identity" into American federal & state human rights codes.  We call for a national referendum on this issue.  Americans must be free to choose between having a biological or a socially constructed ideological definition of gender instantiated in American law.

 For general questions please reach us at: info@blueprintforamerica.org.  We normally aim to respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Please check your spam or junk email folder in case our replies are redirected by your email client.

Legal Notice: Under the rules governing campaigning for school board trustee positions in certain states, this site and our related promotional materials do not raise donations for, or endorse any particular candidates running in any state. Candidates who wish to do so are free to reference this web site on their own promotional material at their own discretion. We advertise only on behalf of our own platform.

Q: How can you identify school board trustee candidates who support the "Blueprint for America" movement?
  • We invite any supportive candidates to include a link to this site in their social media profile(s).  We invite all supporters to do the same!
  • Look for the "Blueprint for America" website address in campaign promotional materials.
  • Still not sure? Check your local municipal website for the official school board trustee candidates list in your region. This will typically include their contact information. Get in touch with your local candidates, refer them to our website, and ask them if they share these values and would support similar policies!
Note: Blueprint for America is a shared platform for public K-12 education policy in America developed by parents, educators, and concerned citizens modelled after a similar initiative in Canada. It is understood that we cannot realistically expect every school board trustee candidate to support every position taken. Therefore, an endorsement of the platform should be considered to mean that the candidate supports the vast majority (80% or more) of these policy positions. Individual candidates may vary in their support of specific policy proposals, and we fully support their right to do so.