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Exercise and athletics make for healthy kids.

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As school board trustees we will
advocate for the following:
  • We will acknowledge that many children do not get enough physical exercise in their daily life. This can contribute to childhood obesity. It also increases a student’s risk for other conditions, like diabetes and high blood pressure, which could result in higher absenteeism and more academic issues. We will advocate for exercise programs in all grade schools across the country to provide at least 30 min per day of physical activity among students of all ages.
  • We will act as strong advocates for student athletics programs and in particular for team competitive sports which promote confidence, team work, social skills, and camaraderie in addition to the inherent health benefits of physical activity.
  • We will advocate for a review of what food is offered in schools and advocate to minimize junk food for healthier options.

Fit Kids is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides structured physical fitness activities to underserved youth.